Swap Airtel Sim to 4G

How to Swap Airtel Sim to 4G?

Have you recently upgraded your phone to a 4G phone but you are still not able to take the advantages of the 4G services offered by Airtel 4G?

How to Swap Airtel Sim to 4G?

The problem might be with your airtel sim. If you are using a 4G phone and the sim is not 4G ready then you cannot access the 4G services. If this is happening with you then the solution to this problem is to swap your Airtel sim with new Airtel 4G sim.

Now the question that arises is "How to swap my airtel sim to 4G?" Read on to get step by step solution for your problem.

How to check whether your Airtel Sim is 4G ready?

Before you head on to Swap your Airtel Sim to 4G, it is a good option to consider checking if you already have the 4G Sim or not. There are two ways you can use to check if you have a 4G Sim or not.

The first one is to check for the logo printed on the Sim card. Companies usually print their logo along with the Sim type on the Sim card. If your Sim card has '4G' printed on it then your Sim card is already 4G compatible and you can take the advantages of the 4G services.

The second way is to insert the Sim card in slot 1 of your 4G smartphone. Go to settings then go to mobile networks. In mobile network select the Sim card preferences for Sim 1 as 4G. If it does not search for the network automatically then perform a manual search. The network must be registered if your Sim card is 4G ready. If the network does not show up then you can conclude that the Sim card is not a 4G Sim card and you can go ahead to get a new Airtel 4G Sim.

The process of swap your airtel sim to 4G is very simple. Airtel allows you to Swap your airtel sim by following a few simple steps. Regardless of whether you have bought an Airtel sim or have joined Airtel by MNP, you can follow these steps to get the Airtel 4G sim.
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Upgrade to Airtel 4G sim Via Airtel App

If you are already a user of Airtel and have the airtel app installed on your smartphone then it becomes very easy to upgrade to 4G sim without any hassle.

Step 1:

Get an Airtel 4G sim from any nearby Airtel store or Airtel retailer.

Step 2:

Open the Airtel app on your smartphone and login with the existing sim

Step 3:

In Menu, find "Activate 4G - Sim Swap" and tap on it.

Step 4:

Scan the barcode which is available on the sachet/packet of the new Sim card.

You can also enter the 20 digit Sim number and tap on proceed.

Step 5:

You will get a confirmation message. Reply with 1 to confirm the activation of Airtel 4G sim.

Once you are done with all these steps, wait for the network to disappear from your phone and then insert the new Sim in your phone and switch it on. Your Airtel 4G Sim will be activated within a few minutes.

Note that Airtel is providing free 4G Sim to it's existing customers without any cost. These Airtel 4G Sim are provided at every nook and corner by Airtel in order to increase their share in the market.

How to get the new Airtel 4G Sim card

You can order the 4G Sim card of Airtel by several different methods. The Airtel 4G Sim card is delivered to your doorstep when you place an order for the Sim.

  • The Airtel 4G Sim cards are available at all the Airtel stores, Samsung Stores and with major Sim card retailers. You can visit any of the Stores at any time to avail the 4G Sim card in order to upgrade your Airtel services.
  • If you don't want to visit the Stores and wish to upgrade your Sim from the convenience of your home, then you can call on 121 from your airtel mobile and ask for a new 4G Sim. The Sim card will be delivered to your doorstep.
  • You can also order the new 4G Sim card by visiting the official website of Airtel. When you visit the Airtel website you will find an option to Activate 4G - Sim Swap. Click on it and you will be redirected to a page asking for your details. Enter the details which include your Airtel mobile number, your name, address, pin code and some other information. After filling out the information, the Airtel executive will contact you for confirmation. Once the confirmation is done, a new 4g Airtel Sim will be delivered to you.

Helpful article: 

When you get the new 4G Sim delivered, you can follow the above mentioned 5 step process to Activate the new 4G sim. When the new 4G Sim is activated, your old Sim card will be blocked ensuring that you have only one Sim card active on a single number. The new Sim card will offer you all the 4G service, provided you have good 4G network coverage in your area. The Airtel 4G comes will several benefits.

  • The new Airtel 4G Sim will allow you to access all the 4G services offered by Bharti Airtel.
  • You can enjoy unlimited HD music streaming with the Airtel Wynk music app which is made free for the new Airtel 4G customers.
  • You can also enjoy the latest movies collection on the Wynk Movies app.
  • Airtel was the first Indian Telecom company to start offering 4G services in India.

If you are still not on the 4G network of Airtel then you are definitely missing out a whole bunch of features that are available exclusively to the Airtel 4G customers.

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