Flash Moto E XT1022 - A step by step guide [ Download Links ]

How to flash Moto E XT1022? A step by step guide with the flash file and firmware download links:

In this article, I've provided step by step tutorial on how you can flash your Moto E XT1022. You will also find the links to the flash files and firmware required for flashing the device. Keep on reading this article and go carefully through each and every step so that you wouldn't get it messed up while you are flashing your Moto E XT1022.

The Moto E XT1022 is one the best smartphones of the Moto E series. This device was launched in 2014 and if you are still using it then you may be facing some or various issues with the phone like hanging on, no network, boot loop or auto reboot etc. But you need not worry now. These issues can be fixed by flashing the mobile. Follow up the process to flash Moto E XT1022 and get rid of all the problems.

Prerequisites to flash Moto E XT 1022:

  • Charge your device up to 60% before starting the flashing process.
  • You will need a good working data cable to connect your device with the PC
  • A good internet connection will be needed to download the flash files, firmware and tools to flash your device.

Download the tools and file from the below links only to avoid any issues and follow the steps to flash your Moto E XT 1022.

How to flash Moto E XT1022?

In this guide, I've used an auto script to flash the moto E XT1022 as a flash tool. The file is named an unbrick.bat and I've given the download link to it below. Just download this file and the official stock ROM and USB drivers needed and let's get started.

Download Moto E XT 1022 Flash file, tools and drivers:

The files, firmware and tools required to flash the Moto E XT 1022 are a flash tool, Moto E XT 1022 Flash file i.e the official stock ROM and the drivers. Below are the download links to all these files. Click on the link and download the tools and files and store it into your computer through which you will be doing the flash operation.

Download Moto E XT 1022 Flash File
Download Flash Tool Unbrick.dat File
Download USB drivers for Moto EXT 1022
Download the mFastBoot tool
Mirror link to Download Moto E XT 1022 flash file

Step by Step Guide to Flash Moto E XT 1022:

  1. Once you have downloaded all the files that are mentioned above, Save them into a folder on your computer.
  2. Now find "MotorolaDeviceManger_2.4.5.exe" and double click on it to install the USB drivers on your Windows PC.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers.
  4. Now Extract Moto E XT 1022 Flash file any zip software. Save all the files in the same folder.
  5. Now Extract "mFastboot tool" and save this also in the same folder.
  6. Click anywhere in the folder then press and hold the Shift key, at the same time right-click and select "open PowerShell window here" or "open command window here".
  7. It will open a new command window on your PC.

Now let's get to your mobile device. Don't close anything or turn off your PC. Keep it as it is. Below starting the flashing process, it is recommended that you charge your phone up to 60% to avoid any problem while flashing. Now shut down the Moto E XT 1022 and Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button together. This will boot your mobile into fastboot mode. Once your device is booted into fastboot mode, connect your device with your PC via a good working USB cable and follow the further steps.

Now go to the command window on your PC and enter the command "mFastboot devices"
Then Execute the Command "fastboot devices" to check if your device is properly connected.
Now find the unbrick.bat file. Then drag and drop the file into the command window.
Now hit enter to start the flashing process.

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The flashing process will be started and now you don't have to do anything as the AutoScript handles all the operation automatically. After flashing is complete, the device will reboot automatically. This process takes time and also the rebooting will take time for the first time. Sit Back and be patient until your device boots.

Once your device is booted the flashing process is complete. Now you have your Moto E XT 1022 as a new device. Setup the device according to your requirements and usage.

If you don't get anything while flashing your device or have any issues in any step then you can ask in the comments section.

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