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OpenUpCase - Sign up / Sign in

Scam Or Safe Review

In recent times a website emerged to fame whose name is Openupcase this website claims to give you a lot of money for playing its game. Openupcase says you can win a huge amount of money by Openupcase sign in and investing a little money. So everyone got curious about this website and everyone is asking is it trustworthy or not so today we are going to check and explain to you whether it is trustworthy to invest your money or just another scam. In this post, I am going to give you Openupcase sign up and openupcase sign in process and Openupcase review from head to toe and from A to Z.

OpenUpCase - Scam or Safe

Openupcase website

Openupcase website is a simple money earning website in which you have to sign in and invest some money to open its cases. The price of different cases is different and after opening each case you will earn some money it can be higher than your invested money or might be lower than your invested money. It depends on your luck. Openupcase try your luck challenge can bring you fortune full of money. These are the things Openupcases say or claim. But is it so? Can earning real money be so simple?  We are going to find it out.

Openupcase sign up

Open up case sign up ( Openupcase register) process is very simple you just have to click on the Facebook icon to signup and the process is very easy so I am not going to explain it here because I know you will figure it out. so openupcase sign up process is so easy.

Openupcase sign in /  Openupcase login

The Openupcase sign in process or Openupcase login-in process is very much similar to the signup process for Openupcase. once you signed up by clicking on the app Facebook icon you can again sign in Openupcase like previous time by clicking on the same FB login icon. And Boom! you are signed in.

Openupcase review

According to Scam adviser data Openupcase has earned only 31% trust score and that is a really bad score for an earning website. If you are going to invest some money on that website then you must be able to trust that website whom you are giving the money so if the website has only 31% Trust Score then that is very bad and it indicates that Openupcase is fake and it cannot be trusted in any way. Please don't invest you your money in this website it can be a huge scam or fraud which will take all your money and you will never be able to get your money back from them so please I am advising you do not trust these type of websites. 

Negative Points

Openupcase owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity
Openupcase speed of this website appears to be slower than average.
Openupcase website has not had any feedback on other sites
Openupcase has No Valid SSL Cert Has Been Found
Openupcase website's setup involves 4 countries

Positive Points


If you search on YouTube for Openupcase then you will see many Youtubers have really made videos promoting Openupcase. They are saying that open up case it genuine and it really pays you and you can earn money through this website but trust me you will lose every bit of money if you have invested in this website or open any case on this website. So please don't trust this youtubers who are saying that it is genuine because they have been fed off with the money and they are giving Biased review about Openupcase.

My experience with

I myself invested $300 in this open up case website and opened several cases but I got less than the amount I invested and at last, my amount became zero. In this way, I lost 300 dollars testing this website. So I am recommending you to stay away from this kind of All websites and be safe you can also make others aware of this type of loss by sharing this information.

Here is a video of Technical Guruji who explained how they offered him money to give biased review about this website you can watch it below...

So, now you have seen how these type of fake websites make people fool to take their money. please don't trust these type website's think clearly before investing your money do your research. 

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