Airtel Night Cashback Ussd Code - Get 50% Data Back

Airtel night data pack cashback ussd code

In this post, I will explain about Airtel night data cashback by using that you can get Airtel 50% night data back.

Airtel Night Cashback Ussd Code

I will also tell you about Airtel night cashback USSD code (the USSD code for Airtel night data back).  And I will also explain steps for Airtel night cashback activation. Airtel gives great offer on its bill of Airtel recharge and for using Airtel night data.  This is Airtel night cashback can be availed on any Airtel sim by using the mobile data at night between 12:00 a.m. in the night To 6:00 a.m. in the morning.  So get ready to enjoy your cashback...

What is Airtel night data cashback?

The plan we are talking about is offered by Bharti Airtel under which you can get 50% data as cashback when you use your internet data between 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. Means half of the data amount you have used between this time period will be credited back to your data balance to use further. This is a great offer for Airtel users in India.

By giving this offer Airtel is clearly aiming at expanding their uses the company wants more and more customers to use their data and paper it so it's giving this offers to lure the customers.

How to avail Airtel night cashback?

To get the benefit of Airtel night data cashback you have to first activate this plan then only half of the data use between 12 to 6 a.m. Will be credited. If you forget to activate this offer are you don't activate this offer then you cannot what get any profit from this the data will not be credited to your account so keep in mind if you want to avail this offer you have to activate it first then only this will be profitable for you in any way. Now you will be wondering how to activate this night cashback? I am going to explain airtel night cash back activation below...

Airtel night cashback activation

There are various ways of activating night cashback airtel and I am going to explain each of them below

Activation By SMS :

Airtel night data cashback offer can be e activated by sending an SMS 'NIGHT' to "121".  By doing so your Airtel data cashback offer will be activated. And this is free of cost you don't need to to pay any kind of money for activating this offer, not even SMS charges.

Activation By Calling :

You can also activate Airtel night data back by calling on 55555 which is also free of cost you don't need to pay charges for calling on this number you don't even need to call it. you just have to give a missed call that's it your offer will be activated.

Activation By App :

The Airtel night cashback offer can also be activated by My Airtel App. the Airtel subscribers can start this offer by opening my Airtel app and activating this offer. Activating Airtel night data back through the app will charge your little bit of data. so keep it in mind that standard data charges may apply on activating this offer through Airtel app.

Activation By Internet :

 Airtel 50% data back can be activated by going on their official website and activating it through the internet.

When your offer successfully gets activated you will get an SMS like this
FREE 50% Night CASHBACK is activated for 28 days. Cashback on data packs used between 12AM-6AM will be credited post 6AM daily.

You have seen how easy is it to activate Airtel night cashback offer. So if you have successfully activated this offer you will definitely gift its benefit of 50% data bags when you use your data at in night time.

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Things to keep in mind (terms and conditions of Airtel night cashback offer)

  • This  Airtel night cashback offer is only valid with valid data pack for Indian Airtel prepaid users and they have to activate it, before using it. 
  • This pack will be only if data is used between 0000 hours to 0600 hours.
  • The data you will receive (2g,3g,4g) will be the same as the data consumed during that time.
  • You will receive the data at 6:00 a.m. In the morning.  
  • The given cashback will be valid for 28 days. 

Airtel USSD Codes to check data balance

Airtel data Balance - 2G Data: *123# reply with 1 or *123*10# or *123*#
Airtel data Balance - 3G Data: *123# reply with 1 or *123*8# or *123*11#
Airtel data Balance - 4G Data: *121*8#
Airtel Night Data Balance : *123*197# reply with 1
Airtel data Balance : *123#

Wrapping Up

So now you have every detail you need to to get the benefits from Airtel night cashback offer. I have tried my best to give you every information so please share this post to your friends and let them know about this offer if you have any other query then you can ask in the comment section. Thanks for having patience and reading this full article.

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