5 Instant Paytm cash earning apps [Trusted]

5 Instant Paytm cash earning apps [Trusted]

Paytm cash earning appsHere I am going to share some real and genuine Paytm cash earning apps. There are many apps that give paytm cash in the market which claims that they can make you earn daily paytm cash but most of them are found to be fake. It has become a very difficult task to identify the real genuine apps which give unlimited earn money paytm. In this blog post, I'll help you to know which apps really give Paytm cashback. All the apps shared in this blog post are personally tested by me and they are found to be genuine and they really are paytm cash giving apps. So here we go, let's get started with that...

Yes, I know everyone has the desire to earn online.  And when we hear or think of earning online the first platform which comes in your mind is generally Paytm. Nowadays Paytm has become one of the most popular platforms for online transitions, it has also become considerably famous with the time and why shouldn't it be it gives a high amount of cashback and offers. And most of the time we generally miss those cashback offers. But no need to take any stress as I am here to tell you how to get paytm cash for free with some of the real and genuine paytm cash giving apps which actually help to earn daily paytm cash. Below are 5 Instant Paytm cash earning apps -

1. How to earn paytm cash with Panel Station

How to earn paytm cash with Panel Station
Panel station is the first app in our list but it's my favorite one.  Panel station is a real and genuine app which really gives a huge amount of  Paytm cashback. The real reason which makes it my favorite and best Paytm cashback earning app is that it has no limit over how much you can earn. Anyone can earn thousands of rupees with this that form very easily. I myself have tested this app and found to be genuine you can really earn daily paytm cash.

Now I know you are wondering how to earn paytm cash? The panel station is like a community of consumers and it has over 2.7 million consumers from across the world. The working principle of panel station is very simple it takes reviews from its users on various commercial products and pays reviewers some really good amount of money.

Panel station is a paytm earn money app and it pays its users in forms of panel station points, every 10 earned panel station point is equal to 1 rupee.  All the panel station points are first added in your panel station account and when you redeem them then they are credited to your Paytm account. Minimum payment threshold for panel station is 3000 points, it means that firstly you have to collect 3000 points in your panel station account then you will be able to redeem those 3000 points to 300 rupees paytm cashback. One of the major drawbacks of using panel station is that with panel station you have to keep patience because when you redeem points to be credited to your Paytm wallet it takes approx 30 days to money to be credited to your wallet.

Panel Station payment proof -

Paytm cash earning apps
Panel Station payment proof

How to start earning paytm cashback with panel station?

  • Get started by clicking here.
  • Complete its simple signup process. (referral code - 7GWN5Q or ZULBYY)
  • Start giving reviews on online surveys and collecting points.
  • You will get panel station points on completion of each survey.
  • Now redeem panel station points for paytm cashback.

Pro tips -

  • While signing up try to fill the address of some small area, not big cities as it will give you more reviews to take.
  • Also while signing up don't forget to add referral code because for referral code (7GWN5Q or ZULBYY) you will get 500 points which are equal to extra 50 rupees. (referral code - 7GWN5Q or ZULBYY)
  • You can also refer and earn paytm cash, for every referral you will earn 500 points.

Signup Bonus?

You will get 1100 points for completing your profile + 500 points referal bonus for referal code = 1600 points.
In rupees which is equal to 110 + 50 = 160 rupees as signup bonus.
You can check the Panel station's detailed FAQs by clicking here.

2. Unlimited earn money paytm cash free by playing games on MPL

MPL refers to mobile Premier League, It is one of the paytm cash earning games. MPL is actually a game-based mobile app which gives actual money in form of Paytm cashback or bank transfer.  MPL gives money for playing and running the games.  MPL is also personally tested by me and found to be legitimate it is actually giving good cash back and you can fully trust it. MPL is really a great paytm free cash app.

paytm cash earning games

MPL have skill-based games, it is a collection of many games like fruit chop, pro cricket, Bubble Shooter, Monster Truck, space breaker and many more. You can play your favorite skill-based game on MPL and win real cash.  These winning cash can easily be transferred to your Paytm wallet or your bank account with UPI.

The games on MPL and are very easy to win if you like playing games then it's a great opportunity to earn  Paytm cash by playing games. The game requires users to participate in its tournaments which are held timely and based on your ranking in these tournaments you will be awarded real money accordingly. 

The reason I like MPL  is that it is easy to play and you can choose what paytm cash earning games  you want to play so that you're winning chances increase and not only the first ranker will get the money but if you got bad ranking in the to know and then also you can earn real money.

In MPL there is token and cash system you can use any of them to participate in the games you can use stockings or you can use real money to participate.  What are the good features of Imperial is that it has a daily spinning wheel by spinning wheel you can earn tokens and use the students to participate in games daily.

Refer and earn with MPL

refer and earn paytm cashYou can also refer and earn paytm cash back, you just have to get your friends to log in to MPL using your referral code and you will get a referral bonus of 20 rupees and some tokens too. 

You can refer up to 1000 friends and earn up to 50000 by referring. From my point of view, MPL is best for gamers to earn some real money by playing games of your choices and skill set.

Here is my MPL referral code ' N5NAU3X5 '.

MPL payment proof

MPL paytm payment proof

How to get paytm cash with MPL? 

  • First of all download MPL paytm earn money app from here.
  • Then you have to install the app and complete the signup process by entering your mobile number and verifying it (don't forget to enter referral code: N5NAU3X5 ).
  • Then you will be able to see your refer and earn Paytm cash banner on the dashboard or you can check it on your profile.
  • Participate in any of the tournaments with the available token, start winning and earning.
  • Now redeem does MPL cash to PayTM wallet or UPI. (min redeem threshold is 1 rupee in starting).

Pro tips -

  • Always sign up using referral code because it will give you extra money.
  • Search on Google for MPL bonus codes and you will get some codes which will give you extra tokens for playing games.
  • Login daily in your MPL account and spin the wheel to collect tokens.

Signup Bonus?

On completing the signup process you will get 10 rupees and 20 tokens, you can earn more tokens by completing your profile and completing some task like liking it MPL Facebook page and many more.

3. Earn daily paytm cash with LOCO app

Everyone has heard of KBC, have you ever wanted to play KBC and earn real cash but the problem here was that not everyone can play KBC so LOCO ( Paytm free cash app ) is a  trivia game show which gives you cash prizes based on your rankings. You can play logo quiz game every day exactly at 10:00 a.m. And on weekends you can also play at 1:30 p.m.  It is an Indian paytm earn money app and it asks very simple and basic questions you can groom your knowledge along with earning cash with it. The questions asked in this app are from general knowledge, current events, Technology, cricket, food, sport, religion, politics, music, Bollywood, Hollywood and history. It is also one of the most trusted apps for earning paytm free cash.
Earn daily paytm cash with LOCO app

LOCO is a quiz game based app which will ask you questions and you have to answer those questions and win real cash. The concept of this paytm earn money app is very simple it will ask 10 simple questions on the given fixed time. Those questions will be very basic and easy, you just have to answer them within a fixed time and by answering all the 10 questions you will be eligible to win sure cash if you become successful in answering all the 10 questions you will guarantee to be rewarded with free Paytm cash. If you give any of the answers wrong you will be disqualified instantly. though there is one option left when you get disqualified by which you can continue playing further into the same quiz with 1 life you can earn that life by referring your friend with your Loco referral code. This app has done excellent work in terms of paytm free cash app.

LOCO payment proof -

paytm cash proof LOCO app

How to start paytm cash earning with LOCO app?

  • First of all download and install Loco app from here
  • Now complete their simple registration process with your mobile number.
  • You have to verify your mobile number then set your username for Loco app and don't forget to enter referral code ' abhpat@60 ' because entering referral code will give you an extra life.
  • Now open the paytm earn money app on 10:00 a.m. 
  • Play the quiz and answer all the 10 questions correctly. If you make it the final round and win Loco quiz then and you will definitely get a prize.
  • The more people win the quiz the more prize will be divided into.
  • So start playing and win paytm cash daily.

Pro tips -

  • While registration always use your Paytm number.
  • Use Paytm to withdraw the winning amount.
  • PayTM Amount Will Be Credited in Your Account Weekly.
  • Use the referral feature to refer all your friends to earn extra lives.

Signup Bonus?

You will not get any signup bonus other than one life for entering the referral code.

3. Refer and earn paytm cash with Roz Dhan app

Roz Dhan is an paytm earn money app which gives you money for completing its tasks like reading articles, watching videos and much more. It simply means that you can earn money by watching videos and by reading articles on a daily basis with the help of Roz Dhan app. This app is also tested and found to be really working and it's actually, genuinely, legitimately pays you Paytm cash. You can trust on it.
Paytm cash earning apps
Roz Dhan gives its award in the form of coins and coins converted into Rupees latter. In this app one rupees equal to 250 coins. Coins get converted into Rupees in 24 hours. This app transfers your earnings to your Paytm account within 2 to 4 days. It has one more feature, to join their WeMedia and share your videos and in this way, you can earn more.

You can also invite and earn with roz dhan paytm earn money app for each invitation you will get 1500 coins you can also share your articles with your friend and once they read your article you will also get coins.  You will earn 1500 coins for inviting your friends and when your friend invite someone else then you will also earn 250 coins, it means that you can earn unlimited coins by telling them to invite further.

Refer and earn paytm cash with Roz Dhan

You can withdraw your earnings when the payment threshold reaches 200 rupees then you will get your amount credited in your Paytm account within 2 to 4 days. I'll advise adding your pan card with this app so that your TDS will be detected by 10% otherwise it will be charged 20%.  You can add your pan card when your balance will reach to 200 rupees.

Roz Dhan payment proof -

Paytm cash earning proof

How to earn with Roz Dhan Paytm cash earning app?

  • Download and install the app from here.
  • Sign up and get a bonus of 50 rupees don't forget to enter the referral code ' 05XB2I '. 
  • Read articles, share the articles, watch videos, share the videos, play games, and complete tasks to earn more and more coins.  
  • Invite your friends and ask them to invite their friends. 
  • Do daily check-ins for additional coins and gifts.  
  • If you complete all the above tasks rib regularly then it's very easy to earn 200 rupees.
  • Once we have collected 200  rupees then the only thing left to do is redeem that money to your Paytm wallet.

Pro tips -

  • You must enter the referral code ' 05XB2I ' because it will give you 25 rupees bonus.
  • Do daily check-ins to earn more gifts.

Signup Bonus?

Rs.25 Sign Up Bonus + Rs.25 Invitation Bonus instantly = Rs. 50 signup bonus.

 5. New ideas in business with Meesho app

If you really want to earn money then I will definitely recommend Meesho app.  Misu is a trusted and the genuine app it is based on reselling business with the help of Meesho you can sell their products with your own margin added to it and earn money you can earn up to 25000 per month with this app.  Whistle house small business owners to sell their products with the help of social sharing on WhatsApp Facebook and many other platforms. Miso helps both sellers and resellers. You can resell from meesho and miss you will not mention anything about the original seller or any information it also provides cash on delivery to build trust with the customers.  Meesho is a really trusted app and you can go for it without any hesitation you don't have to invest anything in meesho everything is free and you can unlimited earn money paytm cash free.
business idea in india
Let me explain meesho and make everything simple for you.  Reselling business reselling means you have to sell it's products with your own margin means you can sell their products by increasing their price according to you so you can get margin and earn, and they will not tell anything about any other price than yours. By this way, you can earn more and more. 

business idea in india

You just have to download the app to choose the products which you want to promote and share them to social platforms like on facebook groups, WhatsApp friends and anywhere from where you can get customers. After getting the customer you have to order that product in your meesho app for them with your own margin and after that shipping and any other process is handled by meesho itself you don't have to worry about anything you just have to promote the products get the customer, set your margin and earn.  It's like having your own online business Store from which you can sell products at your own price.

Meesho payment proof -

business idea in india

How to earn money online with Meesho?

  • Download the meesho app and become a Meesho Reseller & start earning from home! 30% (Max Rs. 150) discount on 1st order if you signup using this referral code: TQZGBAY286. Download now 
  • Complete the registration process.  
  • Choose the product you want to promote. 
  • Share the products on your social media platforms.  
  • The customers to buy your shared products.  
  • Set your margin for the product and place the order. 
  • It is also a great refer and earn app you can refer and earn money.
  • Sit back and relax and earn more and more.

This video will help you understand Meesho reselling business better

Pro tips -

Do not sign up without this referral code: TQZGBAY286 because you will not be able to get any extra discount without this referral code: TQZGBAY286.

 So these were trusted and legitimate 5 Paytm cash earning apps which will never cheat you and you can earn Paytm cash and real money with them and without any investment that's the plus point of these earn daily paytm cash apps. So it doesn't take anything to give it a try, with these apps that give paytm cash you can earn daily paytm cash online. These are very good paytm cash giving apps for your pocket money.

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