Boost Downloading Speed With IDM Optimizer Download [Optimization Explained In Steps]

IDM Optimizer Download [Optimization Explained In Steps]

Want to optimize your IDM to give you lightning fast downloading speed?

IDM Optimizer DownloadFor many years, IDM is the topmost choice of for downloading large files and day by day it's becoming more and more popular. and I am going to tell you about the best IDM Optimizer.

After all, who doesn't want a good downloading speed?  Because a good downloading speed can save you time and also save you from a lot of irritation.  There are many downloading apps in the market but people chose IDM as their favorite downloading app.

The reason for using it as the best downloading could be many of these:

  • It gives great downloading speed and increases it by 3x. 
  • It does have pause any resume feature. 
  • It's an easy installation. 
  • It is supported in every browser including Google Chrome, Opera & Firefox. 
  • You can also download multiple files at once and speed will also be good. 
  • It has one great feature, that it can download videos from any site including YouTube, Facebook and many more.

Why do we need to optimize IDM?

You know it's human nature, it's in our blood we do not settle for good or better we always want what's best.  So, in this case, we do not get settled for a great download speed we want something greater.
Ok enough of all this nonsense, let's jump directly to the topic for which you are here.

Why IDM optimizer, not others?

IDM Optimizer is free to use software with you can idm optimizer download and run directly it does not need to be installed in your computer. And if you use IDM for downloading high storage files more than 1 GB or 4GB then you definitely need this software and this is the best offer you can hope for. Yes, it does increase the speed of IDM by optimizing it and it does some settings that can and help you download your files smoothly and faster.
This IDM Optimizer has gained trust over many years and is found to be genuine and legitimate for optimizing downloading speed and increasing it in a significant amount like 2x or 3x. This free to use, Secure and you can trust it for your privacy and other things.
It is easy to use and has increased interface which gives you have only two options for optimizing and it makes handling of IDM Optimizer more than easy. So overall is a great software you can go for it without even thinking just go and download it and boost your downloading speed.

How to use and download IDM optimizer to increase IDM speed?

Step 1. 

The first step in optimizing Internet Download Manager ( IDM) is downloading the latest version of IDM optimizer download from the button given below.

cara menggunakan idm optimizerTo download IDM Optimizer first click on the button given below it will take you to softpedia.Com and there you will be asked to choose between Softpedia secure download (US) and Softpedia secure download (EU).  Choose whatever is suitable for you by clicking on that and you will see your IDM Optimizer download get started. And then let it be completely downloaded. ( you can also download IDM optimizer from by searching IDM optimizer kyuhaa on google.)

Now open IDM,  because we are going to do some changes in its settings to enhance its speed a little bit then we will go to its optimizer.
download IDM optimizer

Step 3.

After opening IDM you will see something like shown in the picture below then go to options and click on it.
idm optimizer 2017

Step 4.

When you click on options a box will open in front of you as shown in the picture below.
IDM Optimizer Download
Then click on the connection tab.

Step 5. 

When you click connection tab you will see the tab as below.
cara menggunakan idm optimizer
Now you have to click and open the drop-down menu.

Step 6.

Then you can see 2 or 3 options in the drop-down menu.
download idm optimizer terbaru
Now you have to choose ' High Speed: Direct Connection (Ethernet/Cable)/Wi-Fi/Mobile 4G/other ' and then click on OK.

Now all settings to this IDM is done. let's move toward IDM Optimizer...

Step 7.

Extract IDM Optimizer and open it.

Step 8.

You will see your next window like this.
idm optimizer bagas31
Now you have to click on maximize now.

Step 9.

Now click on OK.
 cara menggunakan idm optimizer
Then you have to start IDM.

Step 10.

By doing these settings to your IDM and optimizing a considerable amount its speed with IDM optimizer you will definitely see a considerable amount of speed increase in downloading files with IDM you will see react speed then your previous speed in your IDM.

If you didn't understand by reading these steps you can refer to the video given below to understand it better, play the video below to watch steps of optimizing IDM.

Features of IDM optimizer

  • IDM Optimizer is totally free to use. it doesn't charge any kind of money directly or indirectly.
  • It boosts your ideal speed to a great level.
  • You can download larger files within few minutes with the help of IDM Optimisation. 
  • Its main purpose is to boost the speed of IDM by optimizing it.  
  • Compatible with any Windows PC supported with x86 and x64 architecture. 
  • Divide grade safety by using s o c k 4 protocols and it also makes everything secure and private whatever you do with it by using different and many layers of security and virtual private network Technologies like Hotspot shield and many more.
  • It works well with every network whether it is wireless or wired, Wi-Fi, hotspot, any network and with mobile data too. 
  • It requires very less storage on your computer and works fine on that without any lag.
  • It boosts IDM internet and download speed with two or three times more.

Personal Review

This software work pretty well for me it never crashed on my computer  Ora never noticed any kind of lag in this software. What I did notice is a significant increase in downloading speed of IDM. It really does what it says. I found that when I download it multiple files at the same time then it works base it really increases its IDM speed when downloading too many files at once so you should take my advice and use it whenever you have to download large files for a large number of files.

What to do when you get any error?

According to my experience with IDM optimizer, I don't think you will get any kind of user by using it. But who knows it is the technology you can always find bugs and errors in everything it's never going to be perfect.  So if you take it any kind of error or your files are not downloading at the same speed or your download speed gets slower then, in this case, you have to restore the previous settings which were set by default in your IDM when you first downloaded it. To do that you have to follow these steps
  1. Open your IDM Optimizer in your PC. 
  2. Click on the restore default option 
  3. And then restart your IDM. that's it you are done
  This option will help you reset all your IDM optimizer settings to default settings.

 Free alternatives of IDM

We all know IDM is the best Download Manager we all use and rely on. It has many great features but it has one disadvantage that it cost 11.95 Dollars per year to buy its license. So you might have thought or look for idioms alternative here is the list of top 2 alternative of IDM that you can trust.

1. EagleGet

Eagle get it's one of the most popular download managers and can be considered as the best alternative of IDM. it is a lightweight download manager its some features are great likes it during downloads, accelerated downloads changing themes, setting speed limits and it doesn't require any money it's free to download and you can download it without any cost.

Download: Free

2. Free Download Manager

Free download manager is free to use and it is widely used worldwide people love it because it is very much similar to IDM but it is free of cost that's why people prefer it over other free download managers it has many features and is compatible with Windows, Mac os it gets integrated with Chrome and other browsers to download your file.

Download: Free

Wrapping up with final words

In this post, I have shared step by step guide to optimize and increase the speed of IDM with IDM optimizer and we have also talked it out free alternatives disadvantage and advantage of idiom and IDM Optimizer too.

So so if you like this post then please consider saying because sharing is caring. And give your feedback about IDM Optimizer in the comment section below.

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