20+ Highly Compressed Android Games [Download Links]

20+ Highly compressed android games [Download Links]

Hello again, In this post I have written about highly compressed Android games. This is a list of 20 plus game highly compressed Android. these are some of the best Android games and I am sure you will definitely enjoy playing them. I understand who doesn't want a high-quality game in less MB that's why I am writing this post to help you with this. I have also provided highly compressed android games direct download links. You can download compressed games for Android (game android high compress) so they don't take much space in your phone and you can also save your data when you download compressed Android games.

Highly compressed android games

There are many websites and blog posts which provide highly compressed Android games, they claim that they have compressed a 1GB game to less than 1mb or highly compressed android games under 10mb but when you download those games after putting a lot of efforts you only get disappointment in your hands because those are fake. If we talk technically on this (game highly compressed android) topic then I am telling you how to identify real compressed games.  For identifying real compressed games you have to know one thing that 'A game cannot be compressed more than 1 by 5 times'.  It simply means that a 1GB game can be compressed maximum to 200mb and a 5 GB game can be compressed to 1GB. It is not possible to compress a 1GB game to 10mb on less than 10 MB so don't fall for those fake android games highly compressed.

Down below is the list of highly compressed Android games which you can play on your mobile even when your mobile has very less space left. These compressed Android games require very less processing unit so you can play them even if you have a low RAM processor on your mobile. The list of compressed games I am providing are genuine games which really work on Android devices with less space and you can also save your Internet data when you download these games. These are the game which I found interesting while playing and I really love playing these game android highly compressed on my phone.

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There are many high-quality games available on Play Store which you can download and play but those games require high graphics supported devices and as we know not everyone has high graphics supported devices. But with the help of new technology, high-quality graphics games are compressed smartly to highly compressed games for Android and now you can play android games highly compressed on any device without lag and with great graphics and looks. So here are highly compressed android games direct download links ...

1. Assassin's Creed Identity highly compressed android games

Assassin's Creed Identity highly compressed android games downloadAssassin's Creed Identity is one of the most popular Android games. It an action-adventure video game which is developed by blue byte and this game is published by Ubisoft.

Assassin's Creed Identity was released in September 2014.  This game was developed in Unity game engine.

Assassin's Creed Identity is a great game with great graphics and storyline. It is an action game with role play you will definitely enjoy playing this game. This games original size is 1.5 GB approx but when you download Assassin creeds identity game android high compress then it's compressed size is 700 MB only.  You can download Assassin's Creed identity game highly compressed android from the download link given below
Assasians Creed identity apk

2. Max Payne game android high compress

Max Payne game android high compressMax Payne is a shooting android game made by  Rockstar Studios and Remedy Entertainment. Max Payne is named after its hero, Max Payne, a NY City police detective turned vigilante after his family had been murdered by drug dealers.

This is a Great game for fun it is great graphics access sequence and it has a great storyline in which the main character's family was killed by some gangsters and drug dealers when Hero seeks remains for them for which he has to become a Vigilante who kills bad people.  You will definitely have a great experience while playing this highly compressed games for android.

This game original size is 1.2 GB but Max Payne game highly compressed android in Valli 400mb. You can download Max Payne game android highly compressed from the link given below

3. Modern Combat 4 game highly compressed android

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is a war game which simulates Battleground you have to kill your enemies collect accessories and many other things you can do in this game. 

This is also one of the best games available to Android devices it's very popular between Gamers and they like it very much. this game is released in December 2012 and is developed by Gameloft. This game can be played on Android iOS Blackberry and Windows phones. The game has great action it is packed with cinematic scenes here and there. Shooting armor mechanics are great with an inbuilt auto-save feature. The game has a multiplayer mode also. The graphics are great and the game has a decent-sized world to explore. Below is the link to download Modern Combat 4 game android highly compressed...
Modern Combat 4

Modern Combat 4 data

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4. Gangstar Rio highly real compressed android games direct download

Gangstar Rio highly compressed android games direct downloadGangstar Rio city is a game developed by Gameloft company and this game is a part of  Gangster game series. This game offers a good place for fun.

Gangstar Rio City more than 60 various different missions to complete and work different events.  And you can customize your own character in the game.  Offers an overall good experience.  This game can be played on ios, Android & Java Platform.  This game has you it is well combined with different complete and on-road acts of revenge and different-different things.  This game is also available on Play Store link given below. I am so sure that you will definitely enjoy this game.
Gangstar Rio

5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 highly compressed games for android

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 highly compressed games for androidThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 game based on the movie of same name in this game Peter Parker fight criminals in Manhattan with genetically modified villains. 

This game was released in India on May 2014.   It is an open world action-adventure game lot of action cinematic sequences.  It was the most demanded game on Android most popular also people love playing Amazing Spider-Man 2 and  I am sure you will also love it.  The original science of this game is over 1.30 butter the compressed Amazing Spider-Man 2 Hindi of 500 MB so you can download and play this game very easily on any Android phone. Down below is the download link of Amazing Spider-Man 2 compressed.
Hitman Sniper compressed android gamesHitman Sniper Zig Game series developed by Square Enix Montreal it is also one of the most popular games in video games history.

This game was initially released on 3 October 2014 and developed in Unity game engine.  It is a single player shooting video game.  This game can be played on android and IOS.  In this game, you can complete it again friends highest ranking and getting the first place in leaderboards.  It is one of the best network games you can never play is very good.  There different chapters in this game you have to complete 2 chapters chapter have a different task to complete it will be fun playing this.  Don't believe the download link of this game and highly compressed android games rar you can download it and play it on your Android phone.
Hitman Sniper apk

Hitman Sniper Data

7. Need For Speed download highly new compressed android games

Need For Speed download highly compressed android gamesNeed For Speed is a popular game in the racing genre. if you really are a given then you must have heard about Need for Speed game.  This game is very popular among youngsters it is loved by most of the peoples.

This game contains Street Racing and some general task you can complete these task and when you have to escape from local law police.

This game was initially released in 1994 latest releases November 10, 2017, it was published by electronics are and you can play this game on Microsoft Windows Android Xbox and play station 2.
The players' have given a positive review for this game so I thought you will enjoy playing this game.  Here highly compressed android games direct download link for Need For Speed given video and play it on your Android phone.
Need For Speed

8. Tekken highly compressed android game

Tekken is an action fighting game loved by most of the people. I remember playing this game in my childhood days. I loved playing this game. 

Tekken is a fighting game in which you have to choose the best player of your choice and you can fight with the other players. this game contains arcade mode, story mode and many more. You will also enjoy playing this game like me. This game was first released in December 1994 and the latest release is Tekken 7 and was released on June 2017. It is developed by Bandai Namco entertainments. This game is similar to injustice and the transformer you can download this game and highly compressed android games rar for just 400mb by the link given below...
Tekken Apk

Tekken Data

9. GTA 3 compressed apk

I know I don't need to tell you anything about this game everyone knows  GTA game series and it is loved by most of the people the game contains an open world in which you can do anything possible you can steal cards you when dried on bikes you can change look you can use guns you can do anything you want.
It is an action adventure game which is developed by DMK and this game is published by Rockstar Games it was first released in October 2001 and it was developed in renderware game engine. You can play this game on Android, PlayStation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox and many more and do you know that GTA 3 is the sixth best selling PlayStation 2 video game over 8 million copies sold of this game. You can download this from the link given below and play on your Android mobile.

10.  PUBG Highly Compressed APK

PUBG Highly Compressed APKPubg game got popular very soon.  Everyone is playing pubg and it is growing fast.  You have definitely about chief features and its great graphics.  So we won't talk much about this game, thank you just a little bit of information.

This can connect a lot of people who play games together. This game provides great graphics and its shooting based game which you can play with your friends live.  It was released on March 2017 on a design by Brendan Greene.  It was developed by Cochin Corporation, bluehole, Xbox game Studios, tancent games.  You can download this compressed version of the game from the link below Android phone...
PUBG apk


11. Dead Trigger 2 android games highly compressed

Dead Trigger 2 android games highly compressedDead Trigger 2 Zombie game happy survival zombie attack and kill some zombies review fun.  This game was released for Android and IOS in October 2013.

The concept is better little virus spreading and making humans into Zombies by a genetic mutation.  And you have to survive in this game.  You do for your survival in a zombie apocalypse.
The only issue with The game is that you cannot transfer your game data.  This is a musically account with high storage requirement now if husband compressed to half of its original size. 
You can download the highly compressed android games rar from the link given below and play on any Android phone. Hope u enjoy it...
Dead Trigger 2

12. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas highly compressed android games

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas highly compressed android gamesGrand Theft Auto San Andreas is also game of GTA series which offers an open world of possibilities in which you can do the very things that you cannot do in the Real world. 

It is a Simulation-based game in which can roam around and explore new objectives.  This game gives you missions you have to complete those missions within a limited period of time and they are fun to play.  This game was initially released in 2004 October for the Android, Play station, and Xbox platforms.  This game's compressed apk is fun to play and you will surely enjoy playing this games so I have provided with download links below you can download it from there and play on any Android device....
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

13. Fortnite Battle Royale compressed android game apk+data 2015

Fortnite Battle Royale highly compressed android games apk+data 2015Fortnite is one of the most popular games in game history and it requires an internet connection to play and it also connects with people like PUBG and let them play together & live.  

People enjoy playing fortnite together and for this game, they have to complete reach.  This game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 . this game lets you create your own battlefield cake and you can board the battle bus to enter your favorite zone.  This game is 100 player PVP it can be played on PlayStation 4,  Xbox, Android devices & Windows devices.  8 January text large storage but now compressed and you can play these with few storages left. 
Down below I have provided the download link for the Android version in you can download and play this game on your Android phone.

14. Resident Evil 5  download game android high compress

Resident Evil 5  download game android high compressResident Evil 5 is also a Zombie game English the play digit third-person shooter who has to survive the zombie apocalypse and kill zombies in the game. 

This game is based on the movie Resident Evil.  You can enjoy the experience of playing Resident Evil on your phone without any tension of stories on legging with a compressed version.  This game was initially released in March 2009.  It is designed in an empty Framework game engine.   It was released for play stations, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and Android.  You can highly compressed android games direct download this game by clicking below.
Resident Evil 5

15. FIFA Soccer android obb games

FIFA Soccer android obb gamesFIFA is an outdoor-based game. FIFA, also known as football comes from a series of football games. 
This football game has great graphics and you can play football as you are playing really on the field.  you will really enjoy if you are a football fan. It is developed by Electronic Arts Company. But users have not given for this game. although you can try this game and know yourself how this game really is. Honestly talking I have never played this game because I am not a football fan. 

16. Shadow Fight 3 highly compressed games android

Shadow Fight 3 highly compressed games androidThis game is one of the top 5 fighting games on Play Store the most popular fighting game and people love playing this.
it is similar to Tekken and but it takes much less space you can play on the low specification on mobile even with less storage and with its compressed you can play it on even more low storage. This game is published by Mickey and it is available for platform IOS and Android. Download this compressed apk from the link given below and play on your Android phone with very less storage required.

17. R.B.I Baseball highly compressed games for android

R.B.I Baseball highly compressed games for androidR. B. I. Baseball is outdoor baseball based game. 

 It was first released in December 1986 and designed by Peter Lipson.  The RBI baseball is a part of family Stadium series.  RBI stands for a run batted in.  Its development and Core and Tengen.  It is released for Android and now it's been compressed to consume less storage of your phone. You will love playing this game and download link is given below.
RBI baseball apk

RBI baseball Obb

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18. Dead Effect 2 game android compressed

Dead Effect 2 game android compressedDead Effect 2 is a  multiplayer video game and belongs to the first-person shooter genre. 

 In this game, you have to survive from the horror horrifying deaths.  It is more like role-playing video games in which you have to play the storyline of the main character of this game.  You will surely enjoy playing this game like me.  This compressed apk has been compressed to storage on your phone and you can play this game highly compressed android games rar very smoothly from the link given below.
Injustice: Gods Among Us apk obb games free downloadInjustice Gods Among Us PC game based on DC Comics and DC movies everyone is familiar with the  DC universe.

This is a game in which all the DC Universe heroes and villains fight each other control them.  It's quite great fun.  If you are a fan of DC Universe then IMDb real love this game.
This game was initially released on April 2013 from the series.  Release for the platforms like Android PlayStation iOS Xbox and Microsoft Windows. I have provided download link for this game and highly compressed android games rar below.
Injustice God Among Us

20. Asphalt Highly Compressed APK

From my point of view, Asphalt is the best racing game you can ever play. 

Its graphics, its speed experience just amazing. No, any other racing game can compete with it. I personally love this game and I am sure you will too love it.  That's why it is the most popular game in the racing genre. I have provided download link for this highly compressed android games under 10mb version along with data game and install on your Android phone enjoy playing.
Download Asphalt APK [2.5 MB]

Download Asphalt OBB [4.15 MB]

How to install these compressed games on your phone?

  • Download both the files.
  • Extract obb file by using zarchiver to the folder Android >> obb.
  • Now install game apk.
  • Enjoy playing it.

Final words 

So now you have seen your highly compressed android games list. I have collected data from different websites to provide them here in one place for you along with android games apk+data to download. Hope you liked this post and you will consider sharing it.

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