Alliance Broadband Plans In India & Kolkata [2021]

Alliance Broadband Plans

Alliance Broadband PlansAlliance broadband internet service gift test internet service provider in Eastern India mainly in West Bengal. 

In this post, I am going to tell you about the Alliance broadband plan in India (Kolkata, West Bengal). ISP was established in 2003 and it is the first ISO accredited broadband service provider in India. It offers a great internet experience which gives high-speed broadband internet connections to home and business. The alliance broadband plans Kolkata internet service is very much popular in Eastern India, especially in Kolkata West Bengal.

These are the features of Alliance broadband recharge package

  •  Most popular and widely used network in Bengal. 
  • They have adaptable Technologies.   
  • They provide a great uptime minimum downtime with their dedicated team. 
  • They provide easy installation fast and risk-free installation in minimum time. 
  • Download media files very fastly from the internet.
  • They have flexible VoIP service. 
  • They have peer to peer file cloud, helps in downloading big files in less time.  
  • They do provide smooth graphics while streaming videos gaming and running other graphical software. 

Alliance Broadband Plans In Kolkata

Truly unlimited -

Rs 500/M   60 Mb/s        No Data  Transfer Capping

2. ZOOM 
Rs 600/M   70 Mb/s        No Data Transfer Capping

3. PRIME+ 
Rs 650/M     80 Mb/s        No Data Transfer Capping

Rs 850/M     100 Mb/s       No Data Transfer Capping

Rs 1150/M    120 Mb/s      No Data Transfer Capping

Rs 1500/M     150 Mb/s     No Data Transfer Capping

Rs 2600/M      200 Mb/s    No Data Transfer Capping

Rs 7000/M     500 Mb/s     No Data Transfer Capping

Rs 13500/M   1024 Mb/s    No Data Transfer Capping

Fair Usage Policy(FUP) -

Rs 300/M   10 Mb/s Bandwidth  Data Limit: 30 GB
Post Data Transfer Limit: 512 Kbps   Usage: Unlimited

Rs 550/M    80 Mb/s Bandwidth   Data Limit: 80 GB
Post Data Transfer Limit: 512 Kbps    Usage: Unlimited

Rs 650/M    100 Mb/s Bandwidth   Data Limit: 100 GB
Post Data Transfer Limit:; 512 Kbps    Usage: Unlimited

Rs 800/M     120 Mb/s Bandwidth   Data Limit: 120 GB
Post data Transfer Limit: 512 Kbps      Usage: Unlimited

Rs 1000/M    150 Mb/s Bandwidth   Data Limit: 150 GB
Post data Transfer Limit: 512 Kbps       Usage: Unlimited

Rs 1500/M    200 Mb/s Bandwidth    Data Limit: 200 GB
Post Data Transfer Limit: 512 Kbps       Usage: Unlimited

Rs 2000/M     200 Mb/s Bandwidth    Data Limit: 250 GB
Post Data Transfer Limit: 512 Kbps        Usage: Unlimited

Rest Of India Alliance Broadband Plans 

Truly Unlimited -

1. BROWSE + 
Rs 400/M  Total Bandwidth: 12 Mb/s    Usage: Unlimited

2. PACE +
Rs 500/M   Total Bandwidth: 25 Mb/s    Usage: Unlimited

3. QUICK +
Rs 675/M   Total Bandwidth: 35 Mb/s    Usage: Unlimited

4. RAPID +
Rs 950/M    Total Bandwidth: 50 Mb/s    Usage: Unlimited

5. SWIFT +
Rs 1350/M   Total Bandwidth: 75 Mb/s   Usage: Unlimited

6. BLAZE +
Rs 2000/M   Total Bandwidth: 100 Mb/s  Usage: Unlimited

Rest Of India Plans (Limited)

Rs 250/M  Internet: 5 Mb/s  Data Limit: 10 GB  Validity: 30 days

2. Budget+
Rs 1200/M Internet: 20 Mb/s  Data Limit: 90 GB  Validity: 90 days

You can also watch this video for a better understanding -

Click here to renew or recharge your Alliance broadband recharge.

Click here to open alliance broadband homepage

Terms and conditions of Reliance broadband plan

  • you have to pay the advance charge for activation and installation along with package charges.  
  • The alliance broadband installation charges and activation charges cannot be refunded.
  • The cost of the LAN card is separated from the installation amount.  
  • The validity of all the alliance broadband tariff is 30 days only.   
  • There is an extra 18% GST charged for the alliance broadband packages.  
  • Customers should renew their package within expiry or almost 23 hours after expiry to continue to use their data which is left in their account.  
  • Customers can renew their unlimited pack anytime within the expiry date and the left days are added to their next renewal. 
  • You change your existing plan Then your data cannot be carried forward.   
  • Nighttime for there night hours is 1 a.m. To 9 a.m.
  • And every package is valid for selected areas of alliance Kolkata plans Telecom circle only.
So now I have shared each and every detail you need to know about alliance broadband Plans in Kolkata Koma West Bengal and in the rest of India. They are best in the circle and you should go for them without even thinking.

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